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Electric Guitar Papercraft Models

electric guitar Electric Guitar Papercraft Models

Having electric guitar is a must for everyone that love rock music. But, it doesn’t means you have to have real electric guitar. If you can’t play guitar and you have lot of time to spare to assembly papercraft, this Electric Guitar Papercraft is great choice for your room. The rock nuance will instantly bear in your room.

With the 1 to 2.5 scale of the real electric guitar, this Electric Guitar 3d papercraft has quite high detail. The neck, bridge, tone and volume master control and even the string can be found in this paper model. but, this part that I like most of this Electric Guitar 3d paper models is the type of the guitar that use as reference. It’s similar with Slash from Gun ‘N Roses uses. The paper model comes with the place where you can put this guitar model. So, it will show its coolness when you put it around your room corner. But, because it’s smaller than real electric guitar, maybe, it’s more suitable for your desk or cabinet.

The download link is available below. From there, you will get base pattern as well as assembly instruction. For all rock music lovers, this Free Electric Guitar papercrafts is great choice for your room decoration.

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