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Link Zelda Papercraft Model for You

Legend of Zelda Papercraft Link Zelda Papercraft Model for You

There’re many factors that make Zelda game become interesting game to play. The action game play with RPG touch, thousand challenging side quest, great boss battle and nice character design are few things that make this game interesting. The Zelda itself is one of cute game character as you can find on this Link Zelda Papercraft.

This Link Zelda Papercraft shows the Zelda that holding a sword and shield. It’s the position when Zelda is ready to run through the enemy by stabbing its sword. It’s character from Zelda and Link to the Past game, one of great Zelda game. Actually, this paper model is very cute. But, there’s some color that you might need to adjust, so, when you print it, you will get high quality and bright color like Zelda in the game. From complexity part, this Link Zelda Papercraft isn’t quite difficult to make. It’s simple and beginner class paper model. So, assembly instruction might not need here.

The design, however, is quite interesting. It resembles the real character like what you can find on the game. The green hat, the cute hair style and of course cute face of Zelda can be found on this paper model. If you want to download this paper model, you use link below. You will get Link Zelda Papercraft base pattern image that you need.

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