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Super Mario Papercraft Diorama

super mario bros. 3 diorama papercraft Super Mario Papercraft Diorama

Super Mario is one of famous game that all people play it. It’s so fun and interesting, also challenging. But, what we’re going to talk here isn’t about the game. It’s about one of Super Mario Diorama, the Super Mario Papercraft paper model.

This Super Mario Papercraft is one of many paper model that use Super Mario Brothers game as the base model. But, this one, show the scene on Super Mario 3 game, where there’s first appearance of flying ability. In this Super Mario papercraft, there’s all character that you must familiar with. There’s Mario itself, the turtle one of annoying enemy, angry mushroom and the raccoon, the character that give you leaf that you can use for flying. The unique part on this Super Mario Papercraft is the style of picture that it used. This paper model use pixilated image like what you can find on Super Mario 3 that created for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game console. So, by looking at this papercraft give you some short of memory when you play this interesting game for the first time.

You can get this Mario Papercraft from the link on this page. This is simple paper model, so, you might don’t need assembly instruction to finish it.

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