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Castel Sant’Angelo Medieval Papercraft in High Detail

santangelo Castel Sant’Angelo Medieval Papercraft in High Detail

Talk about medieval age, we talk about many kinds of beautiful building that suitable for papercraft model. From Italy, there’s Castel Sant’Angelo Medieval Papercraft. It’s beautiful model and it’s also free to download.

From the design quality, this Medieval Papercraft Castel Sant’Angelo can be said has top level design. It’s very similar with the real one. Therefore, this paper model also can be used as the reference to know more about this historical place. Or, if you ever visited this place, you might notice that every part on this Castel Sant’Angelo Medieval Papercraft model is designed in high detail. From windows, door, hall to the small building that becomes the place for every day activity in the past can be found here. This paper model also has pedestal or base that looks like a hill. Therefore, it can be placed on your desk or cabinet as your room decoration.

There’re 14 pages total that you need to download. Plus, there’s extra page for assembly instruction that you also can download on the same page where you can get its base pattern. Although, this paper model isn’t quite hard to assembly, you might need to look at the instruction for the trickiest part, like the top of the tower where there’re many small building. Overall, this is one of best Castel Sant’Angelo Medieval Papercraft you can find.

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