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ironman papercraft 300x200 Free Ironman Paper Models Download

Ironman is one of the superhero that use advance technology as his main weapon. The movie shows how that technology work and that’s cool. talk about the coolest thing on Ironman, this Ironman Papercrafts give you something that you might can’s see on the Ironman movie, the real model of Ironman.

The proportion of this Ironman 3d papercraft is quite astounding. It just looks like the real one. The layered armor that Tony Spark wear as you can see on the movie is designed very well on this paper model. However, there’s some drawback that you can find on this Ironman Papercrafts models. One of them is the yellow color that seems too dark, so, it’s like blending with the red color of the Ironman body. You might need to adjust, so, it will look brighter. The other thing is its neck. I thing it’s too long, but, you won’t see it when you look at it from the front.

The detail is quite high. And this paper model can be said as one of complicated model you can find. Therefore, you can use it to find new challenge in assembling papercraft. You can get this Free Ironman paper models from link on this page and challenge yourself to assembling this paper model.

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