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Red XIII Papercrafts Model

red Red XIII Papercrafts Model

Final Fantasy VII said to be the best Final Fantasy games ever made. It has interesting story to follow that play your feeling, cool game play with all material systems and hardest boss that you ever get in the game, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond Weapon. The other thing is great game character game. One of them is Red XIII or Nanaki. This Red XIII Papercrafts has the coolest thing that you can find on Final Fantasy VII game.

It’s simple, but, this paper model also can be said complicated paper model. This Red XIII 3d papercraft looks very similar with the Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII. The game use low poly character, and this paper model seems to use that reference as the base model. Therefore, the design is very rough and there’s minimum smooth edge on this Red XIII Papercrafts models. So, if you’re looking for perfect paper model, this paper model isn’t for you. However, for Final Fantasy VII lover or you who just love cutest paper model, this Red XIII can give you what you want.

You can download this Red XIII paper model craft for free. Just follow the link on this page and you can find the page where you can download the base pattern of this paper model.

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