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Free Ragdoll Paper Models Download

ragdoll Free Ragdoll Paper Models Download

Cat is one of popular and favorite pet. It’s cute, funny and they can be the great friend and stress reliever that you have. Among many kinds of cat breed, there’s one cat breed that I love. It’s Ragdoll. It’s quite, docile and very obedient to its owner. Therefore, it’s so lovable. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find this car. But, this Ragdoll Papercrafts is great substitution for this cute cat.

The artist that made this Ragdoll Papercrafts models know how to keep the cuteness of real Ragdoll cat into paper model. The eyes, funny face and the soft fur that you can find on real Ragdoll are successful visualized on this paper model. The Ragdoll 3d paper models are not quite too hard to assembly. It is simple paper model that even beginner can make it. To show the cuteness on this model, maybe with high quality printing and patience in assembling it is enough to get that.

There are only 3 pages of base pattern image that you need to download and print. So, it’s really simple paper model. But, if you need instruction or help to assembly it, you can also get instruction. Just follow the download link on this page to find them all. Overall, this Free Ragdoll paper models is cute paper model you can have, especially if you’re cat lover.

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