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Space Hotel Papercrafts for Beginner

space hotel Space Hotel Papercrafts for Beginner

As we all know, our earth is getting crowded and crowded with too many humans as well as pollution. Therefore, there’s an idea to build place on the space as the new living place for human. If you want to know one of the designs of that living place, you can take a look at this Space Hotel Papercrafts, although, it’s just imaginary model.

Like this paper model name, the Space Hotel Papercrafts models, it has futuristic style of space station. There’s also a place where the space shuttle can land and docking at the bottom of the space hotel. There’s also some radar-like stuff on top of the space hotel. All that stuff makes this Space Hotel 3d papercraft look great, doesn’t it? However, the design is not so well-made. It has low detail and most of the shape textures are printed image. Therefore, it’s not beautiful like what the name implied.

The total pages of base pattern of this paper model are only 8 pages. That shows that this is simple model that even beginner can assembly it. This paper model even doesn’t have assembly special assembly instruction to download. However, even it’s simple, you can still use this Free Space Hotel paper models as one of collection or paper model for training. You can download it from link below.

Download it Here


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