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Elastic-Powered Stegosaurus Papercrafts, Cute and Easy to Make

rubber dinosaur Elastic Powered Stegosaurus Papercrafts, Cute and Easy to Make

When we see dinosaurs on movie or at museum, we should think that they’re one of the scariest creature ever lived on this earth. But, when you look at this Elastic-Powered Stegosaurus Papercrafts, you might think the other way.

It’s cute Stegosaurus model with bright green color and cute little yellow fin on its back. The blue little eyes make it even cuter. I don’t know if it’s true or not. But, apparently, Stegosaurus likes honey, as you can find on the pattern of the wheel of this Elastic-Powered Stegosaurus 3d papercraft that looks like bee hive. From its design, this paper model is cute. However, from the paper model part, this paper model isn’t quite challenging. Beginner level is maybe he level where we can put this Elastic-Powered Stegosaurus Papercrafts models. So, it’s not good choice, if you want to seek for challenge in making papercraft.

You can get the base pattern of this paper model from link below. Because it’s simple paper mode, this Free Elastic-Powered Stegosaurus paper models only has few pages you need to print. But, if you need assembly instruction, you also can get it along with the base patter, although, it’s not quite necessary, because it’s very easy model to assembly.

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