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Sword of Soki Papercrafts, Great Sword Paper Model

Espada de Kaijin No Soki 300x278 Sword of Soki Papercrafts, Great Sword Paper Model

When we play a game, especially RPG game, we would find one weapon that always use by main or one of the game characters. Yes, if you think about sword, that’s 100% correct. For this one, this is the Sword of Soki Papercraft, the paper model of weapon of Oda Nobunaga.

This paper model has beautiful pattern on its body. It’s like a sea wave with some Sakura flower petal floating on it. That makes this Sword of Soki 3d papercraft looks artistic and beautiful. But, this is also one of the parts that difficult to assembly. The shape of wave that really like water wave is the one that make it difficult. It need many layer that you put together to create that effect. Other than that, the shape of sword of this papercraft is also show the Japanese style. Although, this Sword of Soki Free papercrafts isn’t like katana, but, the curve on the tip of sword give it touch of Samurai spirit.

You can get this papercraft for free. Just follow the link on this page to the download page and you can get the pattern image that you need to create this great paper model. Overall, Sword of Soki Papercrafts models are one of beautiful, yet challenging paper model you can get.

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