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Space Shuttle Papercrafts Free Beautiful Paper Model

shuttle Space Shuttle Papercrafts Free Beautiful Paper Model

When we talk about space, there’re too many mystery about it. And human always want to reveal that mystery. For that reason, they create a space plane. We might know it as Space Shuttle. It’s one of the great inventions that ever made. Therefore, this Space Shuttle Papercrafts is also designed to bring that greatness on the world of papercraft.

Simple, yet beautiful, that what we can say about this Space Shuttle 3d papercraft. The simplicity can be found on the cube and simple tube style paper model that used as the main style on this papercraft. The steel frame that become the base where this models will be take off use printed image to show the complexity of the steel frame like what you can find on real Space Shuttle. But, the thing that makes this Space Shuttle Papercrafts beautiful is the small figurine on this model. There are four astronauts that ready to go to space. And they come from all race in the world.

Although, this Free Space Shuttle papercraft is simple model, you need to download many parts of its pattern. Use the link below to get it as well as the assembly instruction. It’s nice model for your room and your paper model collection.

Download it Here


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