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All Six Type Cute Moogle Paper Models

The Paper Moogle Family 300x225 All Six Type Cute Moogle Paper Models

When we talk about the most successful RPG game, Final Fantasy comes at the first place. Yes, it has many sequels and every sequel has deep story and interesting game play. Final Fantasy also has many unique and cool creatures that you ever found in the game. One of them is Moogle. There’re many kinds of Moogle. And this paper model shows all of them to you.

This is the paper model of many type of Moogle that you can find in the Final Fantasy game. There’s six type of Moogle on this 3d papercraft Moogle.  It’s quite high detail paper model. So, you will get great result in the end. The Moogle itself in this paper model has different color and clothes, also pose. For the detail, we can say it’s quite challenging. The detail of the ears, face and the clothes will give you fantastic Moogle model in the end.

There’s six separated file that you need to download to get all of this Moogle 3d paper models. You can get it from the link below. Unfortunately, the assembly instruction isn’t available yet. So, you might need to carefully read all the number and instruction on the base pattern to assembly all of six Moogles.

Download it Here


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