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Awesome High Detail Optimus Prime Papercraft

optimus prime papercraft 300x225 Awesome High Detail Optimus Prime Papercraft

Maybe when we talk about robots few years ago, Gundam become the most popular robot in the movie. However, today is the day of Transformer. Along with the success of Transformers movie, the Transformers toys also become the popular toys today. But, if you’re papercraft lover, the toys that you want to play is only Transformers Papercraft, isn’t it? For that one, you can try this paper model.

This is the Optimus Prime 3d paper models. When we compared most of Transformers robot model with the Transformer robot in the movie, you must realize that most of model are the simple version of the movie. But, this Optimus Prime model is crazily similar with the movie. It has high detail and all parts that you can find on the movie can be finding here, from head, legs to arms. Therefore, this paper model is right choice, if you’re looking for challenge in assembling papercraft.

Unfortunately, the paper model isn’t created, so, it can transform like what you see in the movie. However, it’s still cool papercraft. And it can give you lot of time to spend to get this Optimus Prime Free paper models finished. You can get all parts that you need from link below.

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