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Hippopotamus Paper Models with Wide Mouth

hippopotamus Hippopotamus Paper Models with Wide Mouth

Do you know the animal that kills most of victim that die because of animal attack in Africa? If you think about crocodile or lion, that’s wrong. The answer is hippopotamus. Although this animal looks cute and funny, the real hippopotamus is the territorial animal. So, if you enter its territory, it could be very aggressive and attack you without you notice it.

However, this animal has one part that becomes its trademark. It’s the huge mouth. This Hippopotamus paper model craft use this part as the point of interest. Maybe, we also can say that this paper model has the most difficult part on the shape of its mouth. The fang, teeth and tongue has high detail. The color that used for it also makes it looks like real one, with some great choice of gradation. And the color also applied on its entire body. Overall, this paper model has intermediate assembling level. So, maybe, if you just start papercraft, you might need to use assembly instruction that you also can download from link below along with the base pattern.

This Hippopotamus Free paper models is high detail model that you must collect. If you want some challenge, this paper model is also great choice for you.

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