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Jumping Orca Paper Models

orca Jumping Orca Paper Models

When the Jaws movie launched, people afraid to swim on the sea, because, they’re scare to be victim of shark attack. However, shark has its own predator. Yes, the biggest predator in the sea. It’s Orca. It’s bigger than white shark and it’s more ferocious. However, if you look at this animal, it looks cool, as you can see on this Orca Papercraft.

If you really love sea predator, this Orca 3d paper models could be your great choice for Orca model collection. This papercraft is easy to assembly. It show the pose of Orca that jump over the water to catch its prey. There’s also model of sea water that splash because of Orca’s jump. The water splash on this model becomes the base where this model stands. The detail of the model is not so high. Maybe the teeth are the only one that has high detail. The black and white skin that you can find on the real Orca also becomes the color of this paper model.

This is free model to download. You can get it from link bellow. If this is your first time with papercraft, you don’t need to worry. You also can get assembly instruction for this Orca Free paper models.

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