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High Detail Elephant Paper Models

elephant High Detail Elephant Paper Models

Do you know the biggest animal on earth? You might answer an elephant. Actually, the biggest animal on earth is blue whale. But, what we’re going to talk here is the elephant. It’s biggest animal on the land. And, if you change it into paper model, like this Elephant Papercraft, this animal could become great model you can put on your desk.

The most interesting thing that you can find on this elephant model is its detail. It has high detail. You can find almost everything on this paper model. From the shape of its trunk, the texture on it, the tusk and its ears is looks like the real one. Unfortunately, the color of skin on this Elephant 3d papercraft isn’t like the real one. It’s more bluish than the real one, where we all know that Elephant has light gray skin.

Because this Elephant 3d paper models has high detail, it surely need lot of patience when you assembly it. It has many parts you need to fold and glue, also it use tube style paper model. So, it’s little bit difficult. You can get this real paper model from the link below. Just follow it, and you can download it along with assembly instruction.

Download it Here


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