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Scottish Fold Papercraft, Cutest Cat Paper Model

scottish fold Scottish Fold Papercraft, Cutest Cat Paper Model

Cat is cute animal, that’s undeniable. And among thousand breed that you can found, Scottish Fold is the cutest of cutest cat. With its wide eyes and folded ears make you want to always hug and kiss it. Yes, this is the best cat I ever seen. Now, if you might have no chance to have this cute cat, you can download it from link below for Cute Scottish Fold Free paper models. Yes, it’s free, plus you also get assembly instruction to make you easier to create this cute paper model.

From the design, we can say that this Cute Scottish Fold Papercraft is simple model. The flat legs and minimum amount of detail shape on its body make it easy to assembly, especially if you have experience with papercraft. The best about this paper mode is its pose. It’s looking at you with its head lift up. The folded ears and wide eyes like on the real cat make it looks really cute.

It has one pattern color. But, because you can download this Cute Scottish Fold paper model craft in PDF, you can edit it, so, it would have different color. Cutest cat models, that’s what I can conclude about this paper model.

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