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Sea Lion Papercraft Circus Diorama

sea lion Sea Lion Papercraft Circus Diorama

If you love cute animal, circus is one of place where you can find them. One of the funniest animal shows is the sea lion show. There’s sea lion that can play and juggling the ball on its nose and even there’s sea lion that can count. If you interested in this show, you might also interested in this Sea Lion Papercraft.

It’s unique papercraft that visualize the Sea Lion in act. Basically, this paper model only has one sea lion model stand on top of platform. But, what make this Sea Lion 3d paper models interesting is the accessories or equipment that come along with it. There’s ring, ball and even fish that you can give to the sea lion model, if it successful doing the act. The model is so simple. The sea lion model on this paper model even doesn’t have eyes. So, it wouldn’t be hard to assembly it. In the other hand, the fish is looks like real fish. The color and pattern, if you print it in high quality printing, make the model looks real.

To get Sea Lion Free paper models, you can download it from link below. It also has assembly instruction, in case you have problem to assembly it. Overall, it’s cute as circus diorama for your room decoration.

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