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Cute Raccoon 3D Papercraft

Raccoon Cute Raccoon 3D Papercraft

Are you animal lover? If you do, you must know many cute animals that you can find in the movie. When we talk about cute animal and often it symbolized as thief animal, we comes to raccoon. Yes, with its fur pattern on its face make this animal looks like criminal, which is actually not that bad. It is cute animal, like what you can find on this 3d Cute Raccoon papercraft.

This papercraft is model of Raccoon with cute pose. It’s like begging to you to give it cookie or something. With cute little sparkly eyes and that pose, this Cute Raccoon paper model craft could be said as one of cutest papercraft model. How about difficulty level? By looking at this paper model, we can say it’s not quite hard to assembly, except the head, which little bit complicated and need lot of patience to make it perfect. However, you can download it for free from link below and you also can get the assembly instruction from that link.

The color resembles real raccoon. The most important thing is your printing quality. If you can print the base pattern on high quality paper and printing, you can get realistic Cute Raccoon 3d paper models.

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