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Deadpool Cute and Evil Papercraft

deadpool papertoy 225x300 Deadpool Cute and Evil Papercraft

An antagonist or evil character is created to counter the main character and make the story of the game or movie become more interesting. This character should be the character that most of audience hates. However, many evil characters in game or movie become more popular than main character. Cute and evil is what makes these characters liked by most of people. Talking about cute and evil character, this Deadpool Papercraft is fit with that condition.

The cute of this paper model comes from papercraft style that it uses. This Deadpool 3d papercraft use cube style. Beside it easy to make, this style also fit when the character also is designed in Chibi style. This character holds swords in both of his hand. With the rifle gun on its back that ready to fired. The unique or maybe the cutest part of this paper model is its face. It show a face that like to say “Huh!” It’s very funny and cute as well.

Red color of its body also makes it looks more evil. But this Free Deadpool paper models is still cute. This free paper model can be downloaded from link below. Overall, its great papercraft model for you who love cute and evil character.

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