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Rui Papercraft Model for Your Pokémon Collection

Pokemon Trainer Rui Papercraft 223x300 Rui Papercraft Model for Your Pokémon Collection

Pokémon, one of great hit games on Nintendo game console and all of us have played it or at least know about this game. One of the series that created for GameCube console, Pokémon Colosseum, is one of the beautiful Pokémon games that ever created. But, what we’re talking about here isn’t about the game. It’s one of the characters on this game. She is spunky girl with weird physic power. Yes, it’s Rui. For this one, we talk about Rui Papercrafts models.

Like the character on this game, this Rui 3d papercraft is also cute. The face, clothes and everything is similar with the game. But, the most interesting here is the clothes. It’s full of detail, from seam to other parts are designed really good. The spunky hairstyle that this character has also can be found on this paper model. The face and its wide cute eyes also can be found on this model. However, you might need to set your printer to high quality printing; to make this part looks great.

Overall, this paper model is beautiful. It’s also quite challenging. And this Rui papercraft is worthy to download and assembly, because, it’s free. You can use link below to get it. And, this paper model can give you another great figurine for your Pokémon collection.

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