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Accordion Papercraft Model

accordion Accordion Papercraft Model

Guitar, violin, drum or piano are common musical instrument that most of people, including us, can play and even master them.  But, when we talk about accordion, we might think about old guy playing this musical instrument at the old bar and sing some song that we don’t understand. Don’t let that negative thought consume your mind about this musical instrument. There’s great and beautiful thing you can find on accordion, moreover, if you love papercraft.

This Accordion 3d papercraft has high detail. With only that fact, we know that this is a worthy papercraft to assembly. The red color as the main color of this accordion model also makes this papercraft looks astounding. There’s also combination between red colors with pattern that we can find on most of wood artwork. That make this model looks real and beautiful. We can say that this paper model uses almost all technique in assembling papercraft. So, it’s great choice for spending your relax time.

In other hand, with high detail that this paper model has, plus the pedestal that attached on the bottom of the model, you can use this Accordion Free paper models as decoration for your music room. And with the link below, you can get the base model and assembly instruction for this papercraft.

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