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Penalty Kick Papercraft Toys

football pk Penalty Kick Papercraft Toys

Do you like playing soccer video games? Yes, it’s so exciting. You can freely control the player movement and set the strategy you want to use to defeat the opponent team. And like real soccer, this game also has one of most annoying game. It’s penalty kick. But, this part can be more interesting, with Soccer Penalty Kick Game 3d papercraft.

For papercraft lover, this is one of unique and challenging Soccer Penalty Kick Game Papercrafts models that need to be beaten. The model itself is not quite difficult to assembly. But, the ball shooter is different thing. It has simple look, but, behind that, it’s complicated. The model itself has few parts. There’s soccer field, two players, one as goalkeeper and the other as penalty kicker and a huge ball, plus the shooter. Pull the trigger behind the shooter and aim to the target that you want. And release, the ball will fly through the goal. The goal keeper also can be moved to the left or right. So, you also can use it to play penalty kick with your friend.

This challenging Soccer Penalty Kick Game 3d paper models is free to download. You also can download the pattern with assembly instruction from the link below. One thing for sure, it’s great papercraft to assembly.

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