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K-ON Paper Craft Azusa Nakano

kon azusa nakano papercraft 225x300 K ON Paper Craft Azusa Nakano

If you like manga or anime, you must know about K-ON manga. Yes, one of famous comedy manga that popular in Japan. But, you also can find it in your country. Just search it online and you can find many places that provide it. But, what we want to talk here isn’t about the manga. It’s about the K-ON paper craft for you who really love this manga. You can use it as your collection.

This is K-ON paper craft for Azusa Nakano. If you look at it, this paper model is quite detail in visualizing this character. However, we also can say this paper model is simple. It use cube style paper model and the Azusa Nakano character that become the model of this papercraft is in her chibi version. The face of this character looks cute in this paper model with its big eyes. However, the most bothering part is its hair. Yes, if you see it from above, you will find it looks like the Azusa Nakano hair, but, if you see it from the front, you can see the other side of paper. So, you might need to double side printing this part.

However, this paper mode is still free to download. That makes this K-ON paper craft is worthy to have, moreover, for your K-ON manga character collection.

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