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Living Tank Paper Models Dinosaurs

euoplocephalus Living Tank Paper Models Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor is few famous dinosaurs that most people know. These dinosaurs also used in some of movies. Many people would agree, if we say that these dinosaurs are the monster that ever lived on this earth. But, the monster here isn’t only T-Rex and Raptor. There’s also Euplocephalus. We can say that this is the living tank. To see it, we can use Paper models dinosaurs.

The Euplocephalus Paper models dinosaurs has high detail. So, we can see why this creature is said to be a living tank that once lived on earth. The color of paper model is differentiating the shell part and its skin. There’re also many sharp fin on its shell, which make this model looks great and cool. Although all parts of its body are designed in high detail, unfortunately, the face of this creature is not so detail. That makes the head of this creature is just looks like a turtle head.

We can say that this paper model is enough to give you one of great collection of Paper models dinosaurs. It’s also free to download from link below and with assembly instruction that also comes along the base image; you won’t have problem to assembly it.

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