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Cute Teddy Bear Paper Craft Dolls Summer Project

t originalteddy Cute Teddy Bear Paper Craft Dolls Summer Project

Doll is one of favorite toys for most kids. And teddy bear is the most famous toys that you can find in all over the world. If your kids has summer project, maybe, you can help them by giving them doll project as their summer project. It doesn’t always using cotton and fabric like doll used to created. Your kids also can use paper to make doll. And this Paper craft dolls summer project teddy bear could be right choice.

Its cute papercraft model you can find. And because of that, this is suitable for Paper craft dolls summer project for your kids. For the detail, this paper model is using simple style model. The thing that makes it looks great is the texture and color. The fur pattern that looks like real one, although, its printed image, there’s also sewing pattern on each hands and foot of this paper model. That makes it looks like the real teddy bear dolls.

With its cute pose and little funny eyes that it has, it’s suitable for your kids. This is also free Paper craft dolls summer project that you can download from link below. If you think it’s quite difficult, there’s also assembly instruction that you can get.

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