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Special Birthday with Special Paper Craft Calendar

countdown calender Special Birthday with Special Paper Craft Calendar

Birthday is one of special moment in our life. If you have children who are going to have birthday, there’re many ways you can do to make it special. One of them is by creating birthday countdown calendar. And you don’t need to buy it. You can use this Paper craft Calendar.

The design of this Paper craft Calendar is clearly for kids. It uses bright and fun theme color. There’re also many cute and funny character in it. Most important one, this calendar has big chocolate birthday cake in the middle of it that make it looks great. The unique part about this paper model is every time you open date window on the calendar, there’s a picture of present. You can put that present on the above along with the birthday cake and funny character. Its better, if you finish this paper model a month before your kid’s birthday. So, everyday, your kids like having birthday when they open the calendar window.

This paper model is free to download. And by looking at the size of file, this Paper craft Calendar is easy to assembly. You also can get assembly instruction, if you need it. Overall, it’s great paper model for your children birthday.

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