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Minecraft Papercraft, Simple and Cute

Minecraft Papercraft 279x300 Minecraft Papercraft, Simple and Cute

Most of newest game that we can found today has crazy quality of image. It looks like real world and it has beautiful 3D arts. However, the factor that make game interested to play, isn’t only from its graphic quality. The game play also has big part on it. Like what you can find on Minecraft game, one of the most popular game today with simple graphic. And its simplicity has brought on this Minecraft Papercraft.

This paper model visualizes the Minecraft game where there’s a people that dig a ground and make some kinds of cave in the bottom of the hills. This Minecraft 3d papercraft is using cube style, so, it matches with the simplicity that the Minecraft game has. The digging people in this model are holding some kinds of tool for digging. And that make it looks cute. The color is similar with the game. It’s pixilated.

This simple Minecraft paper craft boxes is also free to download. You can use link below to get the base image of this paper model. If you really love Minecraft or if you want to learn how to assembly papercraft, it could be great paper model that you can have. It’s easy to assembly, but, the most important thing, its cute paper model.

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