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Cute and High Detail Yuna Papercraft

final fantasy yuna papercraft 225x300 Cute and High Detail Yuna Papercraft

If we talk about cute and beautiful girl, we can’t only find them on the movie or magazine. There’re many fictional character that famous with their beauty. One of them can be found on Final Fantasy X game. Yes, we’re talking about Yuna here, one of the cutest characters in Final Fantasy game series. There’s this Yuna Papercraft that might be able to represent that cuteness.

This papercraft is the model of Yuna when she’s holding her main weapon, a wand. This Yuna 3d papercraft can be said has high detail. The clothes have high detail. The accessories that she wears also can be found in this paper model. The wand that she holds is also looks great. But, the most interesting part is her hair. This paper model isn’t using multi-layer style. It’s more to solid 3D model. So, this part maybe is the hardest to assembly part among other.

However, you might need to adjust the color little bit, if you don’t, you might end up with blur and not so catchy color. And the biggest flaw is the face. It doesn’t have the cuteness that Yuna has. But, we might be able to accept that, because this Free Yuna paper models has small space for the face. Overall, it’s still great model to have, especially for Final Fantasy lover.

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