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Angkor Wat Papercraft, Beautiful and Easy to Assembly

Angkor Wat Cambodia Angkor Wat Papercraft, Beautiful and Easy to Assembly

I don’t know why people in the past can create such as great and beautiful architecture work with simple methods, like pile up stone; glue it with white egg and other method. But, we can say, that their creation becomes one of the precious world heritage today, like what we can find on Angkor War temple. We also can find the glimpse of greatness of this temple on this Angkor Wat Papercraft.

For you who love papercraft, you should agree that this is one of great paper model to build. This Angkor Wat 3d papercraft has high enough detail to be replica of real Angkor Wat temple. The carving that you can find on the wall, the beautiful shape of the temple can be found in this paper model. More than that, this paper model is the model of whole Angkor Wat temple area. So, it’s like you see the Angkor Wat temple from above.

Unfortunately, all the texture and carving is just printed image. So, it’s not difficult to assembly, maybe the main temple is the one that has some challenge with its detail. Overall, this Free Angkor War paper models is beautiful, but, it’s also easy to assembly. It’s also suitable for beginner, moreover, with assembly instruction that you also can download.

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