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Crazily High Detail Cloud Strife Papercraft

final fantasy advent children cloud strife papercraft 300x225 Crazily High Detail Cloud Strife Papercraft

Have you ever seen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie? This is one of the movies with most beautiful 3D art. And one of the characters, Cloud Strife, who is also main character in Final Fantasy VII game, is visualized perfectly. The hair, eyes and its movement is the perfection of the game version. And, it’s not bad, if you want to have this character figurine. This Cloud Strife Papercraft is maybe fit with that need.

Like the movie, this paper model is also beautiful. I can say if you really a fan of Final Fantasy game, this Cloud Strife 3d papercraft are a must to have paper model. First from its detail, it’s so astounding. The clothes looks like real one in the movie, although, the pants effect is coming from folding effect of the paper. the accessories is also made in high detail, such as armor on Cloud left shoulder that has head of lion on it and also the sword.

Basically, we can say this is one of the best Cloud Strife Paper Models we can find. And it’s free to download from link below. But, maybe this paper model is only for you who have experience in assembling papercraft. With its high detail, it also gives you great challenge.

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