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Comedy TV Series Sheldon Cooper Papercraft

big bang theory sheldon cooper papercraft flash 300x278 Comedy TV Series Sheldon Cooper Papercraft

If you’re TV shows lover, you must have watched Big Bang Theory series, even just once. Yes, one of my favorite comedy that we can found on the TV. One of the characters in this series is Sheldon Cooper. And he is here in Sheldon Cooper Paper Models.

Because its paper model of one of famous comedy TV series, this Sheldon Cooper Papercraft is also created in funny paper model type or we can say the simplest paper model type. Yes, if you think about cube papercraft, you’re 100% correct. This paper model is cube or box paper model. So, we can conclude that it’s easy to assembly. But, the interesting point of this model isn’t at that point. But, the expression of the character and the pose that it use. The expression of this paper model is like saying, “hey stupid”. The pose is like alien who comes to earth and say, “We come in peace”.

But the most impressive part of this Free Sheldon Cooper paper models is its shoes. It’s so cute and looks like real one. And the link below will take you to the place where you can get the base image of this paper model. Overall, it’s cute paper model and perfect for your desk.

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