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Leica M3 Camera Paper Models, Realistic Replica

leica m3 papercraft camera working 300x300 Leica M3 Camera Paper Models, Realistic Replica

There is some gadget that could be used as model for papercraft. Camera is one of them. You can find it on Leica M3 Camera Papercraft from link below. We can say that this is perfect replica of this camera. You can find all real Leica M3 camera part on this model. That makes this paper model can be said as high detail model.

However, the boxy shape and most of part are printed image, makes this Leica M3 Camera 3d papercraft is easy to assembly, even for you who just know how to assembly papercraft. But, you also need to make it perfectly, in order to make it looks like real Leica M3 camera. Although it’s easy to assembly paper model, there’s one part that make it interesting. Like real camera, this paper model also has strap hole where you can put a strap on it, so, you can carry it around your neck like when you carry real camera. It’s also good way to prank your friend, by talking that you just bought new camera.

More than that, this Leica M3 Camera Paper Models is free to download. And it’s also small size file, so, you just need to assembly few parts of it. It’s easy paper model and suitable for you who want to learn papercraft.

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