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Fokker Dr.I Papercraft for Your Airplane Collection

red baron triplane papercraft 300x231 Fokker Dr.I Papercraft for Your Airplane Collection

First time I saw this paper model, there’s only one words comes up in my minds, cute. Yes, although, this Fokker Dr.I Papercraft is airplane papercraft, the cuteness of this model is shinning like a sun. Actually, it’s also quite challenging. If you really love papercraft, you might agree with my opinion.

When we look at this Fokker Dr.I 3d papercraft, we should come to conclusion that this is midlevel difficulty paper model type. So, its fit when we say it give us some challenge, like mentioned before. The design itself is copying real Fokker Dr.I airplane, one of the airplane that used in World War I by Germany. But, the shape is simplified, so, we can say that this isn’t high detail model. But, that doesn’t means this paper model isn’t suitable for your airplane model collection. It’s still cool to put on your cabinet along with other airplane model that you have. The color is the thing that makes this paper mode looks cute. It’s reddish with some pattern that represent the texture of real Fokker Dr.I, also there’s some symbol that make it looks great.

Its free model and you can get it from link below. However, this Free Fokker Dr.I paper models can be said as a fun paper model you can get, especially if you’re really on papercraft things.

Download it Here


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  • Ruben


    Thanks a lot for your review of my kit, and for the comments you made. Also thank you very much for announcing it in your blog and linking it. By reading your experience with it I’ve learned a lot. One thing is to view the kit from here, when you are designing it, and another one is to read the real experience of someone as user in the other side.

    Your critique has made me aware of the fact that even though I thought it was very easy, it may in fact be a bit more difficult than what I rated it. I’m also glad to know that the colours and the textures seem to have accomplished their mission as I intended.

    Since this is the first paper model I design, it is good for me to read your post. I’m glad to know your perception of it. I hope to improve with future designs.

    Best regards,

    Ruben Andres Martinez