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Cute Chibi Soral Papercraft

Chibi Sora Template by inunokanojo1 300x187 Cute Chibi Soral Papercraft

When we talk about character in game, we can found thousand of them. And each of them has unique weapon, fighting style or move. But, when we talk about the most unique weapon that character in game has, we can say Sora from Kingdom Hearts game is one of them. That makes him not only unique character from game, but, also the cutest one, as you can find on Chibi Sora 3d papercraft.

The Chibi Sora Papercraft can be said is the funniest model of Sora character from Kingdom Hearts game. It’s using Chibi style, where the paper model has bigger head than its body. This paper model is easy to assembly. There are only few parts of the model that you need to cut and glue. And it’s done. But, it has all accessories and clothes that Sora wear in Kingdom Hearts game. And even the Key Sword, the weapon that make this character become one of the most unique character that you can find in the game. There’s also artistic text, which is so cool, that you can cut and put it wherever you want on the model.

Basically, if you really love Kingdom Hearts, this Chibi Sora Free paper models is the model that you must have. It’s cute, cool and unique, also can be really challenging for you.

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