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The King of the Jungle Papercraft Model

lion The King of the Jungle Papercraft Model

The king of the jungle, the mightiest carnivore in the land the coolest animal for me, that’s the lion meant to be. Basically, we can say that this is one of the most interesting animals that we can change into paper model. But, we don’t need to think how to make this magnificent animal into paper model, because, there’s Lion Papercraft that we can use.

This Lion 3d papercraft is as cool as the real lion. First, it has high detail and its crazy detail, I can say. The body and face is like real lion with papercraft style. But, the coolest part is the hair on lion neck. In this paper model, this part is visualized in many layers. It makes this hair part looks like real hair that blown by wind. And that make this paper model looks really cool lion.

All parts in this model has high detail like mentioned above, therefore, this paper model is great choice, if you want to find great challenge in assembling papercraft model. This is Free Lion paper models. You can download it from link below along with assembly instruction, if you need it. And once you finish it, then you put it on your room, this paper model would be coolest thing in your room.

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