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String Flower Decoration

string flower String Flower Decoration

If you want to make your house more beautiful, you don’t need to buy expensive decoration accessories such as expensive painting or crystal lamps. All you need to do is making string flower decoration. The string flower decoration is very easy to make and also very beautiful because you can make it as you wish. To make string flower decoration, you only need to design the flower on a piece of paper.


You can download the string flower pdf from the internet to ease your work. to find string flower paper models you only need to search using Google or any other search engine. Choose the types of flowers that you want to make and then download the pdf models. Don’t forget to download also the instruction to assembly the string flower decoration.


Read carefully the instruction guide before you print the model. After you have printed it, read the cutting guidelines to get the best cutting result. To shape the string decoration, fold the printed model according to the line and then attach it with glue. Wait until the glue dried, put the flower on a string, and hang it on the ceiling. Now you have the best decoration for your room.

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