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Flower Paper Craft for Green Space in Your Room

Flower Paper Craft Flower Paper Craft for Green Space in Your Room

Every house need green space. It’s not only giving your house a natural and healthy part, but also, it can help our earth to restore from global warming effect. However, for people who live in big city, doesn’t have enough space to create this green space. You can use some trick to create green space that you need. You can use planters to plant flower. And it doesn’t always real flower. Flower Paper Craft is good choice to give some natural feeling inside your room.

This Flower Paper Craft has beautiful design that you can use for room decoration. But, you might need to use magnifier to see the flower. This model has tiny flower on top of it. The strange part of this flower paper model is the leaves. There’re two colors of leaves here. The top one has red color and the bottom has green color, like most leaves that you can find on most plant. This paper model also has pot and soil model. And the soil in this paper model has high detail.

You can download this Flower Paper Craft for free. Overall, this paper model has high detail, beautiful color and realistic image. You also can use it as one of your model plant collection.

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