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Cool Going Merry Anime Paper Craft

One Piece “Going Merry” 300x225 Cool Going Merry Anime Paper Craft

If we talk about the most popular anime all over the world, One Piece is the one, the adventure of Luffy and friends to conquer the Grand Line and become Pirate King. Its comedy, action and there’s also drama in this anime. The scene that almost makes me cry is Going Merry funeral. For commemorate that scene, I try to find paper model of Going Merry, one of Straw Hat best friend. And there’s this Going Merry Anime Paper Craft.

Detail is the first thing comes up in my mind, when I look at this model sample image for the first time. From sail, flag to the sheep head that become Going Merry trademark, all of them are in this paper model. But, to print the base image to assembly this Anime Paper Craft, maybe we need to adjust the color. The original color of this model is too bright, so, it’s not so good when you finish assembly it. However, the texture of wood, steel and everything is just looks like Going Merry in anime.

There’re few parts that needed to download to assembly Going Merry Anime Paper Craft. The instruction also can be downloaded, if we have problem. But, it’s more challenging, if we assembly it without instruction. Overall, this is cool Going Merry model.

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