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Viking Boat Paper Craft for Your Collection

viking Viking Boat Paper Craft for Your Collection

If you like collecting vehicle model, especially boat type, you must know that there’re thousand type of boat you can find from all over the world. If we talk about Viking, they have one of the unique and interesting boats that we can found. Most of their boat are used for war or attack their enemy. This Viking Boat Paper Craft can be great adding to your collection.

In this paper model, you will find great design of Viking boat that you usually find in the movie. The design looks great. It has nice color that can represent the wood that used to make the boat. The texture of the dock and the body is different. There’s also shield along the side of the boat, like what you can find on most of Viking boat. Therefore, to make it interesting, you need to print this Boat Paper Craft in high quality print setting. Then, the sail with sun symbol that this paper model has will look great as well.

This model could be great for your cabinet, where you can put all your boat collection. Although, it’s not as realistic as boat model, it’s good enough for decoration. It’s free Boat Paper Craft. So, you can get it without problem.

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