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SD Crossbones Gundam Paper Models

SD Crossbone 289x300 SD Crossbones Gundam Paper Models

For some people, they make simple papercraft model to have fun. But, if you want to get challenge, papercraft also can give you what you need. There’re many high detail papercraft where need lot of patience and time to finish it. But, after you successfully assembly it, you will get great pleasure and satisfaction. Talking about high detail papercraft, there’s Gundam Paper Models.

SD Crossbones is one of Gundam Paper Models with high detail. This paper model is only for you who have experience with papercraft. And because this is SD Gundam model, this paper model use Gundam chibi style. With big head and small body, it’s combination of cool and cute. However, like mentioned before, it has high detail. The head has many layers and parts. The body is also like that. The most interesting thing is the cape. Although it’s not like real fabric, the creators of this paper model try to make it like that with some line that visualizes the fabric fold.

Although, it has high detail and shape, the color is in decent level. Most of part of this Gundam Paper Models SD Crossbones uses plain color, without gradation. But, if you assembly this model, you will get challenge that you need.

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