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Beautiful Triceratops Dinosaur Paper Models

Triceratops Beautiful Triceratops Dinosaur Paper Models

When Jurassic Park movie launched and I watched it, I stunned with how realistic the dinosaur in this movie. Beside the savage T-Rex and rampage in the park, the scene that astounding me is when there’s dying Triceratops. The way it breathes is so amazing. The Triceratops is one of my favorite dinosaurs. Therefore, I download this Triceratops Dinosaur Paper Models. If you also want it, here’re few things you need to know about this paper mode.

First, this paper model is beginner level model. You don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to assembly Triceratops Dinosaur Paper Models perfectly. It’s easy to assembly. The most interesting part of this model maybe is the skin texture and color. Although, the texture isn’t real texture, but, if you print it with high quality printing result, it can be looked like real Triceratops texture. There are also three magnificent horns with huge head shield in this model.

The thing that doesn’t seem right about this Triceratops Dinosaur Paper Models is the boxy looks of its body. If its body is design more rounded, it would be looks more beautiful and realistic. But, this free model is enough for room decoration or great accessories on your desk.

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