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Cinderella’s Castle Disneyland Paper Models

Cinderellas castle Cinderella’s Castle Disneyland Paper Models

When we talk about fantasy, we talk about many characters that created by Walt Disney. We can watch them not only in the movie, but also, in reality, at Disneyland. And because of their beautiful design, the model of the character or building at Disneyland would be a great choice for decoration, if you can shrink it. Actually, it can be done with Disneyland Paper Models for Cinderella’s castle.

It’s one of paper model with high detail that we can found. This Disneyland Paper Models visualized the real shape of Cinderella’s castle that you can find in movie and Disneyland. Although, the color that used for this model doesn’t looks like real one, but, it can represent the real building. Talking about high detail, this paper model has all parts of Cinderella’s castle. We can find very similar roof, window and even the trees and bushes around the castle. The building accessories on the door and window also makes this model looks the real one.

There’re six parts of Disneyland Paper Models for Cinderella’s castle. This is also free model. But, it recommended for you who have experience with papercraft. If you’re beginner or this is you first time with papercraft, it’s better to get other model. It’s medium hard paper model.

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