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bouquet tulip Tulip Papercraft

Tulip is a beautiful flower from Netherland. The tulip is very beautiful with its colorful flowers. Some countries put Tulip as one of the most romantic flowers and often use to express love for a girl. A tulip has its own folk tale in its origin country that is so romantic. Whatever the folk tale is, the tulip is very good as decoration for your room. If you can’t get the real tulip flower, you can make its paper model.

To make Tulip paper model, you can take Tulip picture as the model of your papercraft. You can also directly download Tulip paper model from the internet. Since Tulip is very famous, you can find many websites that has free papercraft pdf. If you have downloaded one, you should prepare a color printer to print the design because tulip is colorful. To get the best result, you should use matte photo paper to print the paper model.

After the printing is over, you can use scissors to cut the design according to the pattern. To get the best shape, you have to read the cutting instruction guide that you can download along the model. After you have finished cutting, prepare glue to glue the parts to make a good tulip flower shape.

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