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Kabuto Decoration

samurai helmet Kabuto Decoration

In Japanese culture, in the old days, people always put Kabuto or Samurai helmet in the main room of the house. The Samurai helmet is placed in the middle of the room, with a bow and sword on either side. The Japanese culture believes that the Samurai helmet decoration is able to ward off evil and bring good health in the house. It is also believe to keep a man safe in battle during the war era.

If you want to have Kabuto or Samurai helmet decoration, you can make it by yourself. To start making the Kabuto paper model, you need to get the detail design of the Kabuto papercraft. The model can be downloaded from the internet. Just type Kabuto papercraft design and then download it. Just pick free papercraft design to avoid future problem with the law. Download also the assembly instruction guide to ease you in making the Samurai helmet decoration.

After you have downloaded the papercraft model, you have to cut it according to the pattern. Fold it as instructed and then glue it. Put small amount of glue in the space provided and then attach it to each other. When the glue is drying, you will have Kabuto decoration in your house.

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