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Making Rubber Bus Papercraft

rubber bus Making Rubber Bus Papercraft

Bus is one of the best mass transportation in the world. All cities in the world have busses as their main mass transportation. The bus is available in various types and if you want to collect the bus miniatures, you can buy from the accessories store in your town or you can also make it using paper.

To make 3D Bus papercraft, you need to download its papercraft model first from the internet. You don’t need to design it by yourself because it will takes too much time. On the internet, you can choose the type of bus that you want to make. You can also make rubber bus papercraft that can move using rubber power. If you have found the rubber bus model, you should print it and then cut it according to the design. You’d better use matte photo paper to print the design to get better result.

After you have cut it, you need read the assembly guide to get good bus shape. Read it before you glue each part of the bus one by one. Read also the way you can put the rubber so the bus can move forward. Put the rubber carefully because you will need to glue it again.

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