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Making Chess Board from Paper

chess Making Chess Board from Paper

Chess is one of the oldest games in the world. The game has been existed since many centuries ago and it still exist until now. The chess is a game of two people. The game is using white and black board and also chess pieces. The game is played according to specific rule. The game is very exciting especially for those who like strategy games. The player will win the game if he can defeat the enemy by taking over its Queen.

You can buy chessboard anywhere, especially in a sport store but if you have spare time, you’d better make your own chessboard along with the pieces. You can make it by downloading chess papercraft from the internet. You can find it on the 3D papercraft model section and then download it. To ease your work, you’d better color the paper model using your computer before you print it. After it’s printed, cut using the scissor and shape the chessboard. It is easy and simple.

For the chess pieces, you need also to download the assembly manual to get the perfect shape. You need to cut the pieces carefully and then glue it. Attach it carefully because the pieces are very small. After the glue is dried, you can get a complete chessboard and its pieces.

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