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Making Paper Cage for Canary Bird

cage canary Making Paper Cage for Canary Bird

If you love Canary bird, you should not make it as your pet. You should let them free and breed in wild nature. The canary is beautiful. Their colors are amazing and the sounds are wonderful. If you want to make a canary as your pet, you’d better replace it with its paper model. You can make the model by making its cage first. The canary cage can be made by downloading pattern from the internet.

To make the Paper model canary Cage, you can simply open your internet connection and search it. Just type the keywords on the search tab and you will get what you need. If you have downloaded the pattern from the internet, you should print it. Choose paper that is suitable for the model. The printed models should be cut using scissors and to get a tidy artwork, you should use sharp scissors. After you have cut the pattern, you can then fold the pattern according to the pattern.

Use some glues to attach each part of the canary cage paper model pdf until you get the desired shape. Wait until the glue is dried and you can display it in your desk. Don’t forget to add the canary bird. You can also make it from paper too.

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