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Making Air Tahiti Plane

air tahiti nui Making Air Tahiti Plane

If you go to Tahiti from Tokyo, you will fly using Air Tahiti Nui AirBus A340-300. The AirBus is the biggest plane in the world and it carries several hundred people in one flight. The plane is designed by experts in the US. The plane serves Narita airport in Japan and flies directly to Tahiti. The plane is very big with 63.7 meters in length it can fly as far as 10,400km. The plane is beautiful and if you want to make it as your desk decoration, you can make it by yourself.

You can have Air Tahiti Nui AirBus A340-300 in your desk by making its paper model. The Air Tahiti Nui Paper modeling is easy to make because you can download the Air Tahiti Nui pattern from the internet. You only need to open the internet and search it using a search engine. You can find it in the paper models airlines section and then download.

Open the downloaded patterns and then print it. It is better if you print it using color printer and also thick paper. Cut the pattern and then fold according to the line provided. Put glue on the space given and attach the parts together.

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