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Making Himalayan Toy Train

toytrain thl Making Himalayan Toy Train

If you go to Himalayan region, especially to Darjeeling district you will see beautiful trains that travel Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The trains serve the Darjeeling area and it run through the mountains there. The trains are very cute toy-like appearance; therefore, people call it Toy Train. In fact, the trains have been more that 110 years serving that region. Some of the trains are using diesel power but many of it still uses steam engines. The trains here are registered as the world heritage site. If you want to see the train, you can go to Himalaya, India. If you can’t afford going to Himalaya, you can make the train model.

To make the Toy Train paper model, you need the real picture of it and then draw it on a paper. However, it is hard to get the picture of the Toy Train but you can still get Paper Models Toy Train from the internet. Just browse the internet using your favorite search engine and then download the pattern.

After you download the Paper model toys pattern, you should print it. You need scissors and also glue for the next step. The scissors is needed to cut the printed pattern. Fold it and the glue it on the provided place. In just a couple of minutes, you get Toy Train on your desk.

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